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My name is Alex Hull, I compose original orchestral soundtrack for film, video games, and many other forms of media. To listen to my music, click "Listen" in the menu above.

Hello, my name is Alex Hull.

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I am an orchestral soundtrack composer, and I have been writing all kinds of different soundtrack music for over 4 years now. First, I'd like to thank you for visiting my portfolio website, and second, I'd like to let you know a little bit more about myself. I live and grew up in the United States of America in Valencia, California, just north of Los Angeles. It has been my dream to score orchestral soundtrack for film, video games, TV, and as many different forms of media as I possibly can. Composing soundtrack music is my passion, and I take immense pleasure in constantly challenging myself as an artist, and reaching out to directors to have the opprotunity to compose for their project. I've composed a total of 93 pieces of music, including originals, arrangements, and unreleased music, and that number is showing no signs of stopping. I can assure you, that if you decide to contact me for your next project, you will recieve high-quality, expressive, and satisying work.

The easiest ways to reach me is through e-mail, but some other ways you can contact me include Skype, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter, which are all listed further down this page, and my timezone is Pacific Time (I've worked with people who are many timezones away from me so it won't be an issue if you are located on the other side of the planet). If you have a business inquiry, or if you have any questions, I'd love to get in touch with you!

Projects I've Worked On

Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr Official Soundtrack cover art
Mass Effect: Legacy - Adameme Productions cover art
Overtale RPG - OVERTALE Dev Team cover art

My Music

Client Testimonials

Zachary Stanke, 2brofilms: “Every time I’ve worked with the composer Alex Hull my experience has been utterly breathtaking. The way Alex is able to interpret emotion and incorporate the director’s input seamlessly into a score that fits beautifully with the intended visuals is absolutely flawless and done in an extremely timely fashion ... he delivers a truly professional and quality piece of music tailored to fit any of your audio needs. I would highly recommend him as an addition to your production.”

Contact Me!

I am currently open for music composition jobs for anything that you need a soundtrack for! I can write for movies, games, shows, audio dramas, podcasts, or any other form of visual media or entertainment. If you want to do buisness with me, my contact information is below.

Email: alexjhull @ gmail (dot) com

Skype: ecrevo. (with the period)

SoundCloud: Alex Hull

YouTube: Alex Hull

Twitter: @alexhull_music